The Digital Property Marketing Revolution: Augmented Reality


The rise in the use of Augmented Reality within the digital property marketing sphere is nothing short of revolutionary.

Place marketing agency Totality commissioned Inition to develop an interactive augmented reality application to provide potential investors in a new South Bank London development the chance to explore its aesthetics and surrounding area in the comfort of their own home, anywhere in the world.

The Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners designed residential development is not due for completion until 2017 but brochures in the Riverlight Sales and Marketing suite contain fold out augmented reality markers which, when viewed at with an iPad loaded with the app, transform into a detailed 3D model of the complex.

As the person moves around the brochure they can see every facet of every building from every angle. Developed from CAD data, the renderings are extremely accurate with animations of people, ripples of the river and fountains bringing the complex to life.

Interested people can then take the experience home with them by downloading an iPad app from the iTunes store and printing out a marker.

Potential overseas buyers can explore the complex and see how it relates to local geography, transport links and amenities. Functionality can be added that is not possible on a physical model, such as apartment availability.

“The Riverlight 3D application is a perfect example how augmented reality can be exploited for real world applications that add true value. It opens the sales potential as overseas potential buyers can get a better feel for how it will be. Functionality can be added that is not possible on a static physical model.” ANDY MILLNS, CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF INITION

The application is currently live on the iTunes App Store and you can read more about how augmented reality can change marketing on the Totality website.