Product Overview

The SeeReal ‘C’- class of displays represent the latest generation in flat autostereoscopic 3D displays, a ground breaking development in computer output devices. They are capable of adding true 3D depth perception to visual presentations, without the need for the glasses traditionally associated with such devices.


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tracking offered by the other models. A large ‘sweet spot’ ensures a certain freedom of movement to make it comfortable to work with – and for longer periods of time – and completes SeeReal’s answer to demand for a high resolution autostereoscopic display at a reasonable price. See news article here for press release.

The other displays track the user’s head, ensuring the correct alignment of the stereoscopic images with the viewer’s eyes. This allows the user to change position with no loss of depth perception. SeeReal’s method for achieving 3D also makes these displays some of the brightest on the market.


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Product Features & Specifications