Product Overview

EON Creator

EON Creator is an easy-to-use tool authoring software that allows users to build their own customized virtual environments in minutes. Instantly select from thousands of 3D models from the EON Experience portal to configure, customize, and publish high-quality interactive 3D content and view in 3D stereoscopic mode. With EON Creator, now you can create engaging and interactive learning simulations for training, education, and presentation purposes.


EON Coliseum

EON Coliseum is a collaborative software platform that enables communication capabilities for virtual environments developed with EON Reality’s suite of products. Developers can enjoy a broader scope of interactive Virtual Reality application designs that go beyond traditional visualisation. From virtual classrooms to key boardroom meetings, presentations come alive with EON Coliseum’s smart networking engine that cleverly optimises the quality of multi-modal communication on different systems so that connected parties can enjoy a seamless experience in every session.



EON Experience

The EON Experience portal is home to thousands of free 3D models, scenes, and other blended learning resources that let you explore, create, and share your virtual 3D learning experiences. Start exploring today!


Product Features & Specifications