@Frstee: Festive 3D Printed Snowmen



The team at RIG London, a Shoreditch design partnership and Andy Huntingdon have teamed up to launch a new design initiative;, festively rendered snowmen from Tweets.

The festively rendered Christmas tree decorations are available to buy online for anyone with a Twitter account. The user simply enters their Twitter username and then their data is turned into a unique 3D design file generated using RhinoScript.

  • 3D Printing Inition Twitter Snowmen
  • 3D Printing Inition Twitter Snowmen
  • 3D Printing Inition Twitter Snowmen
  • 3D Printing Inition Twitter Snowmen

Each printed model is unique depending on the size of the participants’ Twitter account and how long they have been active users for. The more followers the account has the bigger the snowman’s head and the buttons down the front represent the number of years the account has been active for. The owner’s Twitter username is embedded at the bottom of the snowman.

Frstee The Twitter-Sourced 3D Printed Snowman from INITION on Vimeo.

The 3D file is generated by Andy Huntington and then 3D printed here at Inition on our Zcorp machine. To get your very own personalised snowman simply tweet your details and then wait for your bespoke 3D printed snowman to arrive in the post, causing a uniquely Social Media frisson around your festive tree!

This original project is an example of a new industry based on mass customisation of objects, tailored to individuals.