Voices of Shoreditch – some things in life are just better off screen

It’s no secret people are more heavily stimulated by visual content than text. What about an intuitive display system that draws live requests, sketching everything from works of art to messages, allowing you to incorporate into any space, big or small.  

By way of app-control through any web-connected device, users can activate the pen attachment—sending lists, messages or illustrations to the drawing board.

INITION put it to the test with our Voices of Shoreditch project.  We connected the app with Twitter and notifications was auto-delivered in real time to our front window.

People say there’s something about the way Joto jots live. There’s something that mesmerises, excites and inspires. It seems some things in life are just better off screen!

The app itself connects with far more: Amazon Alexa pairing enables voice commands, Spotify syncing lets currently playing data appear on the board.

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About the Technology

The first connected display that draws with a pen. It is designed to be hung on a window or wall like a picture frame. Joto is not another screen, quite the opposite, it turns pictures and words from your screen into pen and ink drawings.

As soon as you send something to it, Joto’s pen starts to move. It has an eraser and a dock too, so the pen doesn’t dry out and when you are ready for something new, it refreshes the surface and prepares itself for your next Jot.

An ever-growing community of design enthusiasts, artists, illustrators, makers, and hackers are excited to see how Joto will change the way we communicate and display the things we love.

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