ThingLab Scan John Cleese on Dave’s ‘Batteries Not Included’


ThingLab were approached by Liberty Bell Productions to scan the head of comedy legend John Cleese, and to produce a 3D model, for gadget show ‘Batteries Not Included’, now being broadcast on Dave.

Said Figs Jackman of Liberty Bell: ‘ThingLab project-managed the whole process, from visiting the live shoot with John Cleese and carrying out the scans in between other shoots, stitching and finalising the scan data, printing the head and post processing to our requirements. They also gave us permission to film the process so that we could televise it. Given the time constraints and the limited information that ThingLab were given, I am very impressed with the end result’.

The whole process has been filmed and will be broadcast on Dave at 10pm, Thursday November 20th 2008. You can watch the episode below.

Inition with John Cleese on Batteries Not Included from INITION on Vimeo.