Sensics Inition Open Studio Days: 6th-7th October 2010


On 6th – 7th October at Inition’s showroom, you will have the opportunity to have hands-on experience of the latest developments in professional HMDs from Sensics.

“We identified a market need for a professional grade, high-performance HMD that is simple to buy, simple to integrate and simple to use”, says Yuval Boger, CEO of Sensics. “The zSight answers these market needs with innovative features at a compelling price”.


For two days we will have on site Jason Kaplan from SENSICS with the brand new plug-and-play SENSICS zSight™ Integrated SXGA HMD, the SENSICS xSight™ Panoramic HMD with new optics and the latest in wireless technology, SENSICS Low-Latency, High-Def Wireless Video Link.


The Sensics xSight™ HMD offers a previously-unattainable combination of panoramic field of view, high resolution and lightweight design. The xSight is truly unique, offering a wide field of view, high resolution and typically weighing three times less than most HMDs. It can by driven from a single PC with dual or single DVI or analog outputs.


The zSight™ is a professional HMD with high-resolution OLED displays, comfortable and lightweight packaging, low power consumption and integrated tracker, stereo audio and microphone. It has automatic configuration that makes it a truly ‘plug-and-play’ professional display product.

SENSICS Low-Latency, High-Def Wireless Video Link™

A wireless video link that is optimized for head-mounted displays. Alongside the SENSICS showcase Inition will also be revealing the latest in Motion Capture hardware and software technology from leading experts: Ascension 3D Guidance – Magnetic Tracking, Optitrack – Optical tracking (active and passive markers) and Animazoo G7. These products are meeting the needs of Schools, Universities and TV and Video Game production companies with their accessible, affordable and ease of use. Don’t forget that Inition also have a fully equipped studio full of the latest 3D displays, 3D cinema, 3D scanning and printing devices, off-the-shelf HMDs, fun and educational augmented reality demos and a selection of Haptic devices provided by SensAble, Novint and for a limited time Immersion’s Haptic Touch Screen, Surface and phone.