Sensics dSight dual 1080p panoramic HMD


The Sensics dSight is based on dual 1080p flat-panel displays, each approximately 5″in size. One screen is positioned in front of each eye and is viewed through high-quality, low-distortion optics. A panoramic field of view of more than 130 degrees provides for a high degree of immersion, while the use of dual 1080p screens maintains good pixel density which promotes realism and level of detail.

High-quality custom optics provide a crisp image throughout the visual field yet minimise distortion.

The dSight weighs 575 grams (about 1.25 lbs) and accepts either dual-HDMI input for full performance or a single video input in side-by-side mode, useful when driving the dSight with a single-output notebook computer. It contains sophisticated signal-processing electronics that set the stage for additional advanced features that will be unveiled in the coming months.

Key Features

  • Dual HD1080p (1920×1080) flat-panel displays, one for each eyes
  • Designer optics provide crisp image with minimal distortion.
  • Panoramic field of view: 131 degrees diagonal
  • Integrated high-performance 9-sensor tracker for rapid angular position and linear acceleration reporting
  • Self-contained: no need for external control electronics.
  • Comfortable and adjustable elastic strap
  • Ultra low-latency wireless video option
  • Augmented reality option
  • Eye tracking option
  • Hand and finger tracking option
  • “add your own” peripheral mounting holes