Product Overview

High-speed optical motion capture cameras providing affordable reflective marker tracking and on-board image processing within an easily expandable, networked system and software interface to your application. Ideal for building your own optical motion tracking system.


  • Gray scale image processing done within camera
  • Marker position and size sent via ethernet
  • Camera settings via ethernet
  • External and video sync for all cameras
  • Integrated IR LED illumination
  • Adjustable power and strobe on LEDs
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Back focus mechanism, ability to use C mount lenses


  • Motion capture
  • Sports and medical movement analysis
  • Virtual Reality
  • Industrial applications
  • 3D tracking of objects
  • Research

The Sync Unit:

  • Synchronizes all cameras
  • Generate frame rates of up to 1000 FPS
  • Sync to external video
  • Sync to external sources
  • Sync to multiples of video or external sources
  • Embed events and triggers in data
  • Handle up to 16 cameras
  • Slaves to secondary sync unit for additional cameras


  • Active markers, for tracking in difficult and industrial environments, for tracking multiple marker sets
  • IR and high intensity IR LED options for unobtrusive tracking
  • Custom length cables
  • Choice of lenses, use 3.5mm to 20mm C mount lenses (SD3 model) or 8.0 mm to 50mm C mount lenses (SD13 model). The back focus mechanism allows numerous options

The Software Interface:

The software allows you to handle the entire camera system without detailed knowledge of the hardware. All camera settings implemented through function calls including:

  • Frame rate
  • Shutter speed
  • Exposure modes
  • LED power
  • Sync source
  • Gain

Images and synchronised data can also be retrieved from the DLL. You can obtain:

  • Single images or image streams
  • Retrieve data from selected cameras or entire system
  • Data from a single exposure on all cameras
  • Additional software for calibration, 3D extraction and tracking is also available.

Standard Deviation cameras are compatible with STT’s system for a complete motion capture suite, allowing:

  • Outstanding 2 actor real-time performance
  • Up to a 24 foot capture area with 6 cameras
  • 6 high speed digital cameras (200 FPS)
  • Expendable: just add more cameras
  • Easy: learn in it in a day, know it in a week
  • Affordable. less expensive than competitors
  • Easy to master. learn to use it in a day
  • Clean data: 50%-75% less cleanup than competitors’ systems
  • Automatic biomechanical tracking method
  • Standard Deviation Sapphire Ruby motion capture inition london