Product Overview

The StereoBrain Calculator software is designed to take the guesswork out of shooting in stereo. It is particularly useful in pre-production for planning which rigs are suitable for particular scenarios.

INITION’s StereoBrain is a software tool developed through many years of experience shooting in stereoscopic 3D. It has been designed with ease and speed of use in real scenarios in mind. The same questions are asked time and time again when it comes to live action 3D productions:

  • “I’m designing a rig to shoot x; will it be ok to use these cameras and lenses if I want to shoot y?”
  • “I want to shoot a big subject a long way away (eg. a glacier from a helicopter); how big does my rig need to be?”
  • “Is it possible to shoot close-ups given that I want to use these cameras on this rig?”
  • “How close do my cameras need to be if I want to shoot macro?”
  • “How far apart do we need to set the cameras if we shoot on these lenses and our subject is between x and y metres away?”
  • “I’m shooting with this rig using these cameras and lenses, how close can I get to the subject?

To answer these questions StereoBrain has two modes of operation:

  • Interaxial finder: Will find interaxial (aka stereo-base or camera separation) distance given focal length, desired parallax and subject distance.
  • Parallax finder Will find parallax (positive and negative) as a percentage of screen width for a given focal length, subject and interaxial distance. The software takes into account chip/film/sensor size, resolution, etc. StereoBrain also provides information about how to manage out-of-screen effects. It can also be used in CGI production.

Contact our specialist INITION team to discuss the the StereoBrain Calculator further.

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