Product Overview

iBox is a delivery platform for cutting-edge visuals for any environment, stretching the boundaries of what is possible with today’s technology and fulfilling your needs by employing the latest 3D techniques juxtaposed with more traditional video loops. Because iBox is 3d-based, it can also output both anaglyph and stereoscopic visuals.

What Inition Says:

iBox is designed to be familiar for people who are used to standard audio-visual equipment. It is as easy to use as a CD player and once set up can be left running unattended on a continuous loop. For latest iBox news click here.

Each individual visual ‘piece’ is classified as a channel. Each channel can be selected either manually using the remote control or by setting the system to run on random/cycle modes. To date all the channels that we have produced include real-time 3D graphics, as well as channels that mix and scratch multiple layers of video in real-time, This enables visuals which are suitable for a wide spectrum of users, from nightclubs to theatres, from retail to corporate conferences.

The iBox is very responsive to audio inputs, will with no perceivable lag between sound and visuals. Thus very tightly synced and highly compelling performance is created. The speedy response of the iBox comes from highly optimized software and extensive use of OpenGL hardware acceleration. This allows the iBox to run at high resolutions with high frame rates and makes it an ideal platform for taking any visuals to the next level.

Because iBox visuals are all 3D-based, they are also capable of running either in anaglyph or stereoscopic 3D for even greater impact, though this does not detract from the visual impact of the more normal 2D usages. Please see our news page for latest venues to see iBox in each of its modes of action, alternatively you can call to arrange a demo in our studio.