Product Overview

Inition Hire: Matched Ultra16 Prime Lens Set (Daily)

Careful consideration and time has been put in to our set of brand new Zeiss Ultra 16 T1.3 lenses. Each lens pair has been optically matched to provide the best possible results when shooting stereoscopic 3D. Matched FOV, focus scales and optical quality help avoid expensive mistakes and large post-production costs. Matched pairs of: Ultra 16mm T1.3 / 8mm, Ultra 16mm T1.3 / 12mm, Ultra 16mm T1.3 / 18mm, Ultra 16mm T1.3 / 35mm

Inition Hire: Matched Kowa Prime Lens Package (Daily)

Careful consideration and time has been put in to our set of C-mount Kowa F1.3 lenses which are optically matched to lessen the effect of lens artifacts affecting the quality of 3D and their shims are accutely aligned enabling accurate image duplication across both cameras. 2x F1.4 / 4.5mm 2x F1.4 / 8mm

Inition Hire: P+S Mirror Rig (Daily)

Available for dry hire, the P+S Technik standard mirror rig is suitable for customers with access to one or two of their own cameras and are looking to pair them with an effective mirror box to shoot 3d. The rig includes a light weight HD mirror box and is suitable for cameras including Sony EX3, Sony T-block 1500, SI-2K Minis and Sony P1. Each camera model requires different camera plates which the customer would need to supply.

Inition Hire: Bolt 3D Side-by-side Rig (Daily)

Lightweight side-by-side rig suitable for smaller broadcast and HDV cameras (e.g. SI-2K, Sony HVR-A1E, HXE-MC50E, EX3 or XH A1). Single interaxial adjustment, independent dual convergence adjustments. Tilt adjustment on both cameras. Interaxial and convergence may be motorised. Available for dry hire.

Inition Hire: Element Technica Sub-miniature ‘Dark Country’ 3D Rig (Daily)

High-end reconfigurable sub-miniature mirror rig designed for mini-cam and SI-2K 3D camera packages. It has an integrated lightweight design in a beamsplitter configuration and is compatible with C-mount lenses. The rig weighs 4.4lbs.

Inition Hire: Cmotion Remote Control (Daily)

Suitable for use as: – Single axis lens control (ie. Focus) in 3D mode with two motors operating synchronously, with offset ability. – Interaxial and convergence 3D rig control (e.g. For P+S Technik FreeStyle or Standard Mirror Rig). – For use as 2 axis lens control system (e.g. Focus and iris) for 2D shooting. 3D Capable Cmotion system comprising – 1 x Camin receiver – 1 x Coperate wireless/wired hand controller – 2 x Heden motors – Batteries, chargers, selection of gearing and accessories. It is possible to daisy-chain Camins and add motors to control up to 3 axes (focus, iris, zoom) in 3D mode. Please enquire for details. Rental operates on 4-day week.

Inition Hire: JVC 46″ Stereoscopic 3D screen (Daily)

46″ LCD panel capable of 2D and 3D using circular polarised glasses 2D resolution 1920 x 1080 3D resolution 1920 x 540 per eye Includes: 2 x circular polarising glasses Flight Case Table Stand or Trolly Stand – please specify Bluray Player (on request)

Inition Hire: Digital Imaging Workstation (Daily)

Fully integrated DIT laptop/workstation ensuring footage is safely stored, analysed and prepared for the post production process.

Inition Hire: StereoBrain 3D Processor SB-1 (Daily)

The SB-1 model allows live viewing of a stereoscopic camera pair or other 3D video source on any of the current breed of 3D televisions (Hyundai, Samsung, JVC). This enables live 3D monitoring or 3D viewing in post-production environments from any 3D pair of HD-SDI sources. The SB-1 outputs the pair of images via a single DVI/HDMI signal in interlaced or side-by-side configuration, both of which are common 3D formats. It can also output overlayed left/right on a standard 2D HD monitor. See full specs for details. Both side-by-side and mirror/beam-splitter rigs are also supported with the latter via a built in a vertical flip function.

Inition Hire: SDM-80 – Opsis 80 SD 3D Monitor (Daily)

Dual-LCD 3D monitor. With component, composite, s-video and VGA inputs. Standard Def. Tripod mountable. Can be battery powered (12V).