Laster Technologies Mask G1



SVGA transparent near the eye HMD for overlay of information in the natural field of vision.


“The G1 by Laster Technologies is exceptionally light weight SVGA mask currently designed for monocular applications but is soon to be available as binocular. A great device for information overlay field work.” Jeff Ferguson, Immersive Technologies Consultant.

Manufacturer’s Description

MASK G1 is a new generation of HMD equipped with the EnhancedView™ technology, transparent informative lens, to display informations overlayed in the natural field of vision, near the eye of the user without impeding or obstructing his view.

This device display all informations coming from the VGA output from a PC, Smartphone, PDA, etc…

A correlation with the orientation of the head is possible through its built-in micro-camera.

The MASK V1 is composed of :

  • 1 full optical see-through monocular display device (right /left side must be precised). Lens is near the eye and provide to see all type of datas ( video, graphics, alphanumeric)
  • 1 built-in micro-camera .the video signal is coming from the USB output of our electronic box
  • 1 elastic and adjustable gear
  • 1 electronic box wired with the Mask G1.

It provides lots of functionality:

  • Autonomy of 2h
  • Video, VGA, HDMI, or composite.
  • Hardware Driver integrated : No SW driver.
  • Brightness control (+/- buttons), ON/ OFF button.
  • Joysticks and additional buttons for navigation in the OSD and to adapt : luminosity, zoom, offsets,and to select video source.
  • Embedded PC /Windows CE 6.0 or Linux, be used as external video source for display in addition of VGA, HDMI and composite input ).
  • Connectivity : port USB 2.0, WiFi
  • Port USB mini-B for video signal coming from the camera as external equipment.
  • Switch camera IN/OUT : for the video signal to the embedded PC or to the USB mini-B port.