Inspiring Technology in Kensington Park with Criteo


INITION were invited by Criteo and Forgather to showcase the best of our augmented and virtual reality technology and experiences for an audience of key figures in the digital marketing and eCommerce industries.

the event

‘Criteo in the Park’ is one of London’s most innovative architectural setting for an exclusive hands-on exploration of the technology that is transforming e-commerce.

Set up in Serpentine Sackler Gallery in the beautiful Kensington Gardens on a summer afternoon, the event inspired the group of experts and guests from some of the most revolutionary companies in the industry. Attendees had a chance to play in augmented reality, get fresh ideas from the latest innovations in travel, retail and digital media, and learn strategies to help them master people-centric marketing.

With our showcase of cutting-edge immersive technologies, INITION helped to provide an inspiration and challenging view of the future of customer experience in the retail and travel sectors. With technologies becoming increasingly integrated into digital showrooms and shop floors, this was the perfect opportunity for INITION producers Khalil Heresh and Joe Santos to discuss the digital online and offline trends, and the need for dynamic and personalised customer experiences.

The event was attended by more than 100 senior attendees including directors and managers in digital marketing and eCommerce. Brands represented included global and emerging retail and travel brands including ASOS, IKEA, House of Fraser, Monsoon, Net-a-Porter, Qatar Airways, Marriott Hotels,Thomas Cook and Sony, among others.


feedback from inition

Criteo’s event helped us introduce our technology and solutions to new potential clients and industries. The event venue was beautiful and we encountered an enthusiastic group of attendees who were eager to demo our technology. Networking with guests from such influential companies, such as Qatar Airways, gave us insight into what the market was looking for and how we could offer solutions. – Joe Santos, Producer

The event venue was beautiful and we encountered an enthusiastic group of attendees who were eager to demo our technology.

Criteo in the Park was a well organised and informative industry event that we were honoured to be invited to attend. INITION showcased some AR examples and a VR experiences of the Philharmonia Orchestra and Hendricks Gin to help show the attendees the ‘Art of the Possible’.

The events key speakers presented educating and inspiring speeches about the digital landscape, notably keynote speakers Diermar Dahmen  and David Rowan, Editor of Wired Magazine. Dahmen focused on placing innovation as the key to success given disruptive technologies, whereas Rowan offered more of an insight into how the human experience’s role in driving innovation and change.

Together, I believe this to be the key to unlocking the potential of technology based solutions. – Khalil Heresh, Producer