Inition Converts Unconscious Behaviour into a Unique 3D Drawing


Inition has worked with contemporary artist Susan Morris to turn a recording of unconscious behaviour into a unique 3D drawing for the Drawing Biennial 2013.

As she went about her ordinary business on an average day – January 24th 2012 – Morris’s levels of activity and corresponding levels of ambient light were recorded by an ‘Actiwatch’; a device worn on the wrist, used by Chronobiologists to investigate sleep/wake patterns. Morris then approached Inition to process the recorded data into a three-dimensional object.

As she explains, “I came to Inition because I wanted to see if they could work directly from the data itself – which is just a string of numbers – and produce something out of it that had no visual analogy. The only pre-planned condition was that I wanted the output to match the scale and texture of an A4 piece of paper – the format suggested by Drawing Room.”

Hosted by Drawing Room every two years, the Biennial exhibition invites over 200 distinguished artists to create something unique with a single sheet of A4 paper.

The team at Inition processed the data to create a 3D model which, at first glance does looks like a scrunched up piece of paper, but is actually a 3D representation of Morris’s sleep/wake patterns and the levels of light she was exposed to for that 24 hour period.

Stuart Cupit, Co-Founder and Director of Inition said: “This project shows how 3D printing technology offers new opportunities for visual artists to create highly detailed structural forms from abstract data. Susan Morris came to us because she needed a company who could not only produce the final piece, but also take the data and manipulate it in a creative and beautiful way.”

The Drawing Biennial 2013 starts April 18th and ends with the auction on May 18th.