Inition Adds SensAble FreeForm to 3D Solutions


In a new partnership deal with SensAble Technologies, leading 3D production and technology company Inition will be re-selling the latest version of the FreeForm 3D Modeling System. Freeform is a fast 3D touch-enabled modeling program for product design. The software streamlines the digital workflows for both designers and engineers who create complex, highly-detailed, organic shapes for manufacturing.

The FreeForm Modeling System allows product designers with hard-to-manufacture goods, including toys, collectibles, patient-specific implants, jewellery, coins and other highly sculptural works, to get products to manufacturing far more efficiently. In addition to new design functionality, the software includes advanced tools that enable designers to analyze how easily their models can be manufactured – reducing engineering reviews, design iterations and time consuming retooling costs.

Inition has been working with SensAble Technologies for the past 10 years, reselling their Haptics range of devices. The Freeform Modeling System is now available at Inition’s central London technology suite complete with the PHANTOM Omni hardware. For the first time the high end PHANTOM Premium 1.5/6DOF hardware is also on site at Inition.