Haptic technology by HAPTION


HAPTION’s technology is characterised by a solid background coming from robotics research, which means precise mechanics, integrated electronics, and advanced real-time control algorithms.

A strong orientation towards industrial turnkey applications and their specific needs:

  • 6-dof force feedback
  • High forces and torques
  • Safety and robustness
  • Modularity of the end-effector
  • Integration with standard software


We propose 3 families of products:

  • VirtuoseTM and MATTM traditional mechanical devices
  • IncaTM wire-based devices
  • AbleTM exoskeleton


All our hardware products support the same low-level driver called VirtuoseTM API, which provides access to all functions of the haptic devices. Haption also proposes a SDK dedicated to high-performance rigid-body simulation, IPSITM (Interactive Physics SImulation). The IPSI SDK is the best choice for integrating force-feedback devices into CAD/PLM software for an intuitive physical interaction with the digital mockup. The following IPSI-based software plugins are available directly from Haption:

  • IFS Core and IFS robotics for SolidworksTM: Interactive Fitting for SolidworksTM
  • IFC Core and IFC Human for CatiaTM: Interactive Fitting for CatiaTM
  • RTI DelmiaTM Human: Realtime Interaction in DelmiaTM V5 Human