3D Scanning Service

At INITION we use a range of 3D scanning equipment to digitally capture objects and environments both large and small. From our studio space in Shoreditch, we are able to work with clients to recommend the most suitable, tailor-made 3D scanning solution for any project.

Since establishing our bureau service, we have worked on dozens of 3D scanning projects with the likes of Mario Foster + Partners, PDD, Feathercast, Rocksteady, London Fashion Week, ATYP, Mario Cavalli, Vogue and many others.

With a dedication to providing the utmost level of service to our clients, we are more than happy to come to you should you not be able to visit our demo studio or, alternatively, we can allocate temporary rentals of our specialised equipment either with or without a member of our technical team present.

Before initiating any project, we like to ensure we have as detailed an understanding of our clients’ unique objectives so that we can provide a highly optimised solution. With an in-house creative team comprised of 3D print, virtual and augmented reality specialists, we’re always able to draw upon a broad base of expertise to guarantee the best possible results are achieved for our clients.

Call or email to arrange a consultation with our expert team, or to view our extensive range of work.