True3Di – Display Option


True3Di SDM-240

True3Di 24” monitor is the perfect choice for professional users who need top-class stereo image quality to conduct high-end image interpretation or 3D film post production. It features dual wide LCD panels and half mirror to deliver Full HD images to each eye and further create a stunning Full HD 3D world (1920×1200 in stereo mode). It is ideal for users who need to spend long hours on viewing 3D every day.

True3Di SDM-240

What differentiate True3Di 24” stereo 3D monitor from others?

1. Highest contrast ratio (1000:1) in current market
2. The only high-end model comes with broadcasting standard interface for media & entertainment industry:
SDM-240 SDI model features VGA, DVI, HDMI, S-Video, Component, Composite and HD-SDI
3. Leading clients such as NGA & Autodesk all choose True3Di 24″ monitor