Case Study:

Technology for Creative Tech Lab at Nottingham Trent University


AVM Impact, an AV company specialising in the education market, approached INITION to recommend and supply a range of technologies to illustrate the technical capabilities of a new multi-functional tech lab space at Nottingham Trent University.



The laboratory’s purpose  was as a creative collaboration space and public showroom for the architectural department, as well as for wider general use by the University to encourage cutting-edge developments.  INITION’s consulting role was to advise the University, provide and install the technologies required and administer training and support throughout.


INITION worked closely with Professor Benachir Medjdoub, Professor of Digital Architectural Design School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment at Nottingham Trent University, to advise on which equipment would best achieve the objectives and requirements of the department.

Our technicians identified which of the initially requested technologies were irrelevant and/or uneconomical for the University’s needs and purposes before recommending which products should be installed.

By the end of discussions, the University had settled on the zSpace stereoscopic display with its inbuilt tracking functionality, a 3D Panasonic camera, a 3D LG display and a 3D Artec scanner to enable students to efficaciously visualise, record and playback objects in 3D. Additionally, a Hexamite ultrasonic tracking device was supplied to allow researchers to gauge where architectural structures should be positioned.

Lastly, the Organic Motion markerless motion capture system, the RealFiction Dreamoc 3D Holographic system and Vuzix AR HMD transform information into an immersive experience for the viewers.

All the technologies were directly supplied from INITION’s extensive Technology Department, and the support was provided by our in-house technology consultants.

INITION also provided operational training to the University following the technologies installation.


The University were delighted with their Creative and Virtual Technologies Lab which they describe as a “multidisciplinary research environment where architects, artists, designers, engineers, computer scientists and human scientists collaborate to explore the potential of new visualisation techniques and digital design models and processes.”

We believe INITION were instrumental in helping the University to achieve their goal to create ‘an interdisiplinary and exploratory digital-led research environment, develop innovative digital solutions to answer challenges faced by industry and the community, and support research-informed teaching.”

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