A UK first: Sense Glove

INITION has recently received the first Sense Glove into its Demo Studio. The Sense Glove adds touch to virtual objects by providing force and haptic feedback to your fingers. In this way, VR is made more physical by adding another sensory dimension.

We have successfully created a pioneering experience which utilises the sensory applications of the glove to demonstrate challenges in handling ordinary objects for those with disabilities.

The first Sense Glove Development Kit 1 (DK1) is now available after two years of development and INITION is the first to develop an experience using the Sense Glove DK1 in a public demonstration environment.

On working with INITION, Dr. Niels Bogerd, Chief Operating Officer, Sense Glove, said:

“We are impressed by INITION for recognising the application of a novel product as the Sense Glove for a project for one of their customers. In addition, smooth and effective project management, and excellent content development allowed us to produce a beautiful, effective, well-functioning demo with INITION in a very short time.”

Client Services Director, Jay Short commented:

“The Sense Glove provides INITION and our clients with the opportunity to explore a deeper layer of realism within the virtual reality experience. The ability to have feedback on what you touch and the ability to grip and feel resistance when interacting with objects in a virtual world is potentially hugely important in defining what the next generation of virtual reality experiences can offer. There is no doubt in my opinion that the more senses that we invoke when crafting narratives, the deeper the level of immersion can be.”

At INITION we have built our reputation on having access to the next generation of technologies before they hit the mass market. The Sense Glove is just another tool that we can use to help our clients to create extraordinary experiences.

Discover the Sense Glove here.