Concept, Architecture, Collectibles; Fast, Full Colour Models

Our full colour 3D printers suit a wide variety of customer needs, from high school education through the most demanding commercial environments. Use colour to dramatically communicate design intent, and spend time generating ideas instead of learning to operate a 3D Printer. Right in your office or school environment.

ProJet® 660Pro

ProJet 660 Pro

Featuring the largest build volume in the ProJet range and combined with superior part resolution, speed and colour, the ProJet 660 is fully equipped for the most demanding production requirements. The 660 has the ability not only to de-powder but also infiltrate parts to give a variant of material properties. The training on this machine is slightly more involved than the other printers and has a higher demand for cleanliness because of its size and advanced mechanics

ProJet® 460Plus

Projet 460 Plus

With the ProJet 460 Plus, you can print 3D colour models so quickly and affordably, you’ll do it every day. The ProJet 460 makes colour 3D printing accessible to everyone. The lowest priced colour 3D printer available, it outputs brilliant colour models with time-saving automation and an easy printing process.

ProJet® 360

Projet 360

The ProJet 360 is ideal for architectural, engineering and product design models where speed and accuracy is essential. It has a larger build area than the 160 & 260 but lacking a colour print head, the ProJet 460 wins on advanced colour quality. This said the accuracy and resolution output is identical to the 460 and is lower in cost, fully automated and very user friendly.

ProJet® 260C

projet 260

The ProJet 260 can print basic colours and text assigned to the most complex geometry. It takes on the same form as the ProJet 160 and has the same quality of output, but with the addition of colour and added features this printer is the best in its range of low cost 3D printers. The powder recycling unit (PRU) is the perfect companion to achieving the right results.

ProJet® 160

projet 160

The ProJet 160 is the ideal entry level machine for anyone looking to get into 3D printing. It has the same accuracy and resolution 6output as the ProJet 460 and 360, but at a much lower cost. The unit is small, user friendly and will produce impressive monochrome parts quickly, reliably and quietly. The powder recycling unit (PRU) is the perfect companion to achieving the right results.

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