‘Taking the Leap’ into the World of Retail Technology


Convenience and customization appear to be the touchstones of a successful consumer retail experience, if GDR Creative Intelligence’s research is anything to go by.    Joining us, along with Spayne Lindsay & Co, was GDR’s Meredith

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INITION’s Pick: 2015’s Tech Trends


2015 - the year Marty McFly flies to in Back to the Future - is officially here. Although consumer hoverboards and self-lacing sneakers aren’t quite within reach yet, what else might this year, the most futuristic of years as imagined in the 80s, a

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Inspiring Technology in Kensington Park with Criteo


INITION were invited by Criteo and Forgather to showcase the best of our augmented and virtual reality technology and experiences for an audience of key figures in the digital marketing and eCommerce industries. the event 'Criteo in the Park' is

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