The Future of Fundraising: Insights


VR for fundraising: experiment and engage but remember to keep it human Virtual reality has been lauded as powerful, engaging tool to raise awareness and bring people closer to events. The third sector has already made big strides in the use of s

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Reaching the Media at the DPP Members’ Forum


INITION’s CEO Adrian Leu was invited to the June 2016 DPP Member’s Forum as a panelist to discuss why virtual reality could possibly be the future of the media with DPP members. who are dpp? Digital Production Partnership is a membership-bas

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Exploring VR 2017 with The Drum


It will be the year when virtual reality (VR) finally makes it real, applications will start to monetise the technology and VR technologies will become more mainstream. As part of their Predictions 2017 campaign, The Drum invited us to give insigh

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