INITION is a creative technology hub whose key focus is to drive innovation and lead change by using cutting edge technology to communicate brand value. We do this in two ways: taming new tech and finding use cases for it and integrating technologies which have already found a niche.

We work with the full range of Third Sector organisations, including charities, NGOs, non-profits and social enterprises. We help them use new tools to drive their change programmes.



Virtual reality and fundraising: bringing people closer

The third sector is a crowded place and increasingly prone to disruption. For the fundraiser or marketer, cutting through that noise is essential. Immersive technologies - virtual reality or augmented reality - could be the answer.

VR for fundraising: creating personal connections

Income from face-to-face giving at its lowest for almost a decade. Millennials want engaging content in return for support. What's why fundraisers and marketers are increasingly turning to immersive technologies.

How the Third Sector is ahead of the curve with Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been lauded as a powerful, engaging tool to raise awareness with the third sector already making big strides in the use of such immersive technology. Several VR films have enjoyed huge impact, notably UNICEF's 'Clouds Over Sidra', which has been used for direct fundraising in 30 countries.

Focus on Polio: Confronting a killer - a case study

A life-threatening and debilitating disease, polio has been eradicated in most parts of the world due to widespread use of vaccination. UNICEF and Rotary International commissioned INITION to devise innovative ways to inspire others to support them in their mission to eradicate polio forever.


Report: ROI and Virtual Reality: What, Why and How?

Report: ROI and Virtual Reality: What, Why and How?

Virtual reality applications or films in the past have been created under the banner of innovation. Now budget holders have ticked the innovation box, they want to know what the ROI will be. What are the metrics that should be considered when starting your project.

White Paper: Future of Fundraising

White Paper: Future of Fundraising

The Third Sector has access to stories that very few others do, and virtual reality has the power to bring those stories alive. In this whitepaper, we explore VR's potential as a tool to raise awareness and contribute to fundraising. This follows an evening event held in February at INITION called 'The Future of Fundraising'.