Elbow – Live in 3D


Inition worked with new start up HD-Music.TV and Universal Music to produce a 75 minute 3D music program featuring the award winning UK rock band Elbow.

‘Elbow Live in 3D,’ recently featured on Sky 3D and showed the band during a rehearsal show at Wakefield Litestructures in preparation for their 2011 tour supporting their latest album ‘Build a Rocket Boys.’ The programme also features interviews with band members and special performances of ‘Lippy Kids’, and ‘Neat Little Rows.’

The joint venture between HD-Music.TV and Universal Music, was sponsored by Panasonic who provided three AG-3DA1 cameras for close up work and six AJ-HPX3100 P2HD broadcast cameras all recording in AVC-Intra 100 to six AG-HPG20 compact, lightweight P2 HD portable recorders with HD SDI inputs. Two AG-HMR10 AVCHD recorders were used to record a pair of Toshiba PoV cameras on a Polecam 3D rig for the point of view shots.

Inition provided a Quasar mirror rig, a Calcutta side-by-side rig, the Polecam rig, two Stereobrain processors, three rig technicians, and a stereographer. The rest of the equipment was sourced from Top-Teks, with only 24 hours notice. The pairs of HPX3100 cameras were used on Quasar and SwissRIG mirror rigs, and a side-by-side rig. Sky came on board as broadcaster, and Air Studios Post Production was used to finalise the output, to complete the programme within two months.

“What is staggering is just how fast all the technology moved on. What took one month, six months ago, was now taking us just three to four days,” said Peter Van-Hooke, producer and co-owner of HD-Music.TV.”