Predictions 2017: Making it Real

Thanks for reading our predictions for VR in 2017. From multisensory marketing to mixed reality, we’ve always been at the forefront of using immersive technologies to drive engagement.

In 2017 we are looking forward to creating new ‘firsts’ with our clients.

Here’s a snapshot of our past success:

First 3D Broadcast of a rugby match                                 

UK’s first Virtual Orchestra Performance

World First VR based Wingsuit                                             

First to combine 3D printing with Augmented Reality

First 3D filming of a concert from Abbey Road with Keane

First marker based AR at the O2   

World First Live VR Broadcast of a catwalk show for Topshop

First ever live Opera performance livestream in 3D 

Tetris Crowd Game world record at Gadget show live