Product Overview

The latest generation of Uberware Smedge render farm management software gives you the stability and performance of a proven enterprise scale render farm controller, in a package that is easy to deploy, manage, and use, and that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Smedge has been proven in production for over 15 years, on networks up to 1,500 nodes. Combining your Windows, Linux and Mac machines is a snap with the amazing cross-platform abilities. And its automatic installation features make adding future nodes as simple as download – install – render.


Far beyond the mere render farm control software, the Smedge system is designed to accurately and efficiently distribute absolute anything. If it can be divided up, Smedge can manage it. And it’s flexible enough to fit into any production pipeline, even with custom tools and scripts. Smedge is in production use by effects, animation and game studios, broadcasters, commercial render farms, automotive and aerospace giants, architects, legal and medical visualization firms, and educational institutions around the world.


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Product Features & Specifications