Product Overview

3D International offers a set of 3D software solutions under the VisuMotion brand that supports the whole stereoscopic Content Creation Pipeline. Our software can be used with almost any commercially available multi-user and single user 3D screen.

3D Movie Center

The VisuMotion 3D Movie Center is a playback software for 3D stereo & multiview videos. It supports a wide range of 3D Displays and stereo file formats. The Library Edition is a stand-alone 3D video player with convenient playlist handling. The Network Edition offers additional features to control playback of 3D videos in a local network on multiple 3D and 2D Displays from a central server. The ActiveX Control is an interface to include the 3D Movie Center into own applications, giving full control over the 3D playback window and the player controls. This edition is particularly useful for integration into Content Management Systems, e.g. for Digital Signage Applications.


Network Edition Features
• Central control of multiple playback clients in a local network
• Definition of various parallel playback channels
• Synchronous playback of videos within a channel on different displays -> Video Wall mode
• Drag’n’Drop playlist scheduler, daily / weekly / monthly schedules
• Parallel MultiCast file update from server to all clients
• Feedback database for advanced customer reporting/billing

z.l.i.c.e.3D and Stereo Tools 1.0 for z.l.i.c.e.3D

The VisuMotion z.l.i.c.e.3D is a professional video/image compositing & editing application specially designed for 3D multiview and 2 view stereo content. Stereo Tools for z.l.i.c.e.3D is a powerful z.l.i.c.e.3D Plug-In to convert stereo footage to 2D+depth or multi-view formats. With its powerful image conversion algorithms, the software also allows to re-arrange the depth value in pure stereo footage, i.e. z-correct compositing.

3D Stereo Camera Plugins for 3D Studio MAX and Maya

The VisuMotion 3D Stereo Camera Plugins enhance the well known 3D animation packages Autodesk® 3D Studio MAX® and Autodesk Maya® by major stereo rendering capabilities.


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