Product Overview

What Inition Says:

The 3D Combobulator, developed by INITION, is a showcase of real-time and photographic 3D content that works on a wide range of stereoscopic displays. It is useful for showing off the potential of 3D displays and also for performing side-by-side comparisons of different displays. It comes with a library of 3D models and 3D photographs.

Stereoscopic modes / displays supported:

  • Anaglyph – using red/blue or red/cyan glasses
  • Quad-buffered / page-flipped – most commonly used format of 3D for projection, HMDs and two-view autostereoscopic displays
  • Philips – Wow 42″ and 4YOU 20″ autostereoscopic displays (2D + depth format)

Product Features & Specifications