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Inition is a trusted independent consultant, supplier and integrator for clients looking to invest in professional 3D technologies such as head-mounted displays, motion capture systems, haptics, 3D printers and 3D scanners. We enable informed choice through in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience.

Our large network of Extraordinary Technology suppliers combined with in-depth technical expertise gives our customers unique access to the right information when choosing which technologies are right for them.

Informed by our own in-house production team, we not only know the theory, but the practice of deploying emerging technologies in real-world scenarios.

Inition exploit both emerging and established technologies such as tablets. Tablets and in particular, the iPad range, are fantastic tools for augmented reality production work. Many of our installations are controlled environments where a user is handed an iPad with the content pre-loaded so that they dive straight into the experience. Tablets can also run VR experiences and are great for compact interactive kiosks.

Inition's 3D expertise and technology has been exploited on many architectural projects, both in the design stages and marketing. Augmented and virtual reality offer fanstastic potential for exploring architecture in intuitive and compelling ways.

Virtual reality is the ultimate interface to the digital world. We aim to combine high-production value VR content with the latest technology including head-mounted displays (like the Oculus Rift), haptic (force) and tactile feedback devices, 3D audio, motion bases, fans, infra-red (heat) and full-body interfaces. Applications of VR are almost limitless with experiences based on live-action or computer-generated content. Inition has over a decade of producing VR experiences, with the founders having worked on their first immersive experiences over 15 years ago.

Virtual Reality technology can also be used to create telepresence (the feeling of being present at a remote location) experiences as our VR fashion show for Topshop demonstrated and offers the possibility of opening up live events to a global audience.

Our well-equipped demo studio offers the possibility to try out a wide range of virtual reality applications across fashion, healthcare, automotive, entertainment and retail, to name a few.