Inition is a multidisciplinary production company with a finely tuned blend of technological and creative capabilities.

We harness emerging technologies to create unique and memorable interactive experiences for live events, exhibitions, outdoor, experiential, digital and retail installations. We’re proud of our 12-year track record of seeking out and exploiting new technologies for creative communications before they hit the mainstream… We’ve been augmenting reality since 2006, printing in 3D since 2005, and creating virtual realities since 2001.

From our Shoreditch studios, complete with our 2000 sq ft Demo Studio showcasing our work and bristling with the latest tech, our team are uniquely positioned to leverage futuristic technology with traditional creative process to create experiences that engage, enlighten and entertain. Our unique Demo Studio hosts 3D printers and scanners, holographic, immersive and 3D displays, gesture, haptic and motion tracking devices, all under one roof, providing clients hands-on experience and a hotbed for ideas.

We’re close to technology

Inition’s production capability is underpinned by our relationship with a wide range of cutting-edge technology partners. We are an independent reseller of advanced 3D and interactive technologies and provide expert advice and delivery of technology-based solutions to a wide range of educational, AEC, automotive, medical and research laboratory clients. This means our production team is literally surround by new technology, creating an environment where new ideas are never in short supply.


Our Extraordinary Technologies

Some of the tech that we harness, and available to see at our Demo Studio include haptics (force-feedback devices), all manner of 3D and holographic display, gloves, head-mounted displays, motion capture, gestural interfaces, 3D and 360 camera systems, 3D printers and scanners, and many more. Check out the Extraordinary Technology link at the top of the page…